Law of Sale of Goods

Law of Sale of Goods

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The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 is the primary legislation in India that deals with the sale of goods. It is based on the principles of contract law and regulates the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers in a transaction involving the transfer of ownership of goods.

Law of Sale of Goods – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

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Module I: Introduction to the Sales of Goods Act

  • Historical Background and Development of the Act
  • Scope and Applicability of the Act
  • Distinction between Sale and Agreement to Sell

Module II: Conditions and Warranties

  • Concept of Conditions and Warranties
  • Types of Conditions and Warranties
  • Distinction between Conditions and Warranties
  • Effects of Breach of Conditions and Warranties
  • Remedies available to the parties in case of breach

Module III: Transfer of Ownership and Delivery

  • Rules regarding the Transfer of Ownership in a Sale Transaction
  • Transfer of Property in Specific or Future Goods
  • Modes of Delivery and their Legal Consequences
  • Risk and Title to Goods
  • Unascertained Goods and Appropriation

Module IV: Performance of the Contract

  • Rights and Duties of the Seller and the Buyer
  • Obligations regarding Delivery and Payment
  • Acceptance or Rejection of Goods

Module VI: Unpaid Seller and Remedies

  • Definition and Rights of an unpaid seller
  • Lien and Right of Stoppage in Transit
  • Right of resale and Damages for non-acceptance
  • Suit for price and Damages for non-payment
  • Rights and remedies against the goods

Module VII: Other Provisions

  • Auction Sales and their Legal Implications
  • Rights and Liabilities of the Seller and the Buyer
  • Performance of the Contract by Third Parties
  • Disputes Resolution and Legal Remedies Available

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