Law of Partnership – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

Law of Partnership – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

Legal Bites provides comprehensive Law of Partnership study materials for students, lawyers, and corporations to deepen their understanding of the subject. The series covers important topics and case studies and offers valuable insights for those seeking to improve their knowledge. Legal Bites is committed to providing quality and insightful study materials.

The Indian Partnership Act is legislation enacted by the Government of India that governs partnerships in the country. It was first introduced in 1932 and has undergone subsequent amendments to accommodate changing business practices and legal requirements. The Act provides a comprehensive framework for the establishment, operation, and dissolution of partnerships in India.

Law of Partnership – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

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Module 1: Introduction to Partnership

  1. Definition and nature of partnership
  2. Characteristics and types of partnerships
  3. Distinction between partnership and other forms of business organizations

Module 2: Formation of Partnership

  1. Essentials of a Valid Partnership Agreement
  2. Mutual Rights and Obligations of Partners
  3. Partnership Deed and its Contents

Module 3: Relations of Partners

  1. Rights and Duties of Partners
  2. Implied Authority, Limitations, and Restrictions on Partners’ Powers

Module 4: Relations of Partners to Third Parties

  1. Liability of partners to third parties
  2. Types of partners: active, dormant, and nominal
  3. Doctrine of Holding Out and its Implications

Module 5: Incoming and Outgoing Partners

  1. Admission of a new Partner
  2. Retirement and Expulsion of Partners
  3. Rights and Liabilities of Incoming and Outgoing Partners

Module 6: Dissolution of Partnership

  1. Modes of Dissolution
  2. Consequences of Dissolution
  3. Settlement of Accounts and Distribution of Assets

Module 7: Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  1. Introduction to the Concept of LLP
  2. Formation, Rights, and Obligations of LLP Partners
  3. Comparison between LLP and Traditional Partnerships

Module 8: Registration of Partnership Firms

  1. Legal provisions and requirements for registration
  2. Consequences of non-registration
  3. Consequences of incorrect information in registration documents

Module 9: Special Provisions

  1. Minor as a partner
  2. Insolvency of a partner
  3. Dissolution of the firm on the death of a partner

Law of Partnership Mains Question Answer Series: Important Questions for Judiciary & University Exams

  1. Law of Partnership Mains Question Answer Series Part I
  2. Law of Partnership Mains Question Answer Series Part II

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