Corporate Governance – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

Corporate Governance – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

Legal Bites provides comprehensive Corporate Governance study materials for students, lawyers, and corporations to deepen their understanding of the subject. The series covers important topics and case studies and offers valuable insights for those seeking to improve their knowledge. Legal Bites is committed to providing quality and insightful study materials.

Corporate Governance – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

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Module I: Understanding Corporate Governance

  1. Corporate governance – An Overview
  2. History of Corporate Governance

Module II: Concepts of Corporate Governance

  1. Theory & Practices of Corporate Governance
  2. Corporate Governance Mechanism and Overview
  3. Landmarks in the emergence of corporate governance

Module III: Corporate Governance and Stakeholders

  1. Stakeholders: Rights and Privileges
  2. Corporate Governance and other Stakeholders

Module IV: Board of Directors: A Powerful Instrument in Governance

  1. Power and Liabilities of Directors
  2. Role of Board of Directors

Module V: Role and Responsibilities of Auditors

  1. Basic Concept of Auditing
  2. Duties and Responsibilities of an Auditor
  3. Audit Committee

Module VI: Codes and Guidelines of Corporate Governance

  1. Development of Codes and Guidelines

Module VII: Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. CSR Applicability in India

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