Fashion Law – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

Fashion Law – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

Legal Bites offers comprehensive study materials on fashion law to support students, lawyers, and research scholars in their pursuit of a better understanding of the subject. These materials cover all essential topics and case studies related to fashion law, making them an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge. Legal Bites is committed to providing high-quality study materials and insights that can benefit those looking to improve their academic performance or stay up-to-date with the latest developments in fashion law.

Fashion Law – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

(Topics to be updated Soon)

Module I: Introduction

  1. History and Evolution
  2. Work Profile of a Fashion Lawyer
  3. Laws relating to Fashion Industry

Module II: Fashion Law & Business

  1. Brand Set Up & Business Plan
  2. Employment Nature & Agreements
  3. Rights of Fashion Models
  4. Overview of Fashion Laws

Module III: Fashion Law & Negotiation

  1. Contractual Negotiations in the Fashion Industry
  2. Types of Agreement and Licensing Agreement

Module IV: Fashion Law & IP

  1. Fashion and Copyright
  2. Fashion and Patent
  3. Fashion and TradeMark
  4. Fashion and Industrial Design

Module V: Case Laws

  1. Fashion Law & Scope with Reference to Important Case Laws

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