Virtual Lecture on Career in Mediation: Prospects & Challenges By Manipal Law School, Bengaluru

Virtual Lecture on Career in Mediation: Prospects & Challenges By Manipal Law School, Bengaluru

Manipal Law School, Bengaluru is organizing a special virtual lecture on [Career in Mediation: Prospects & Challenges] on 20th January 2023 from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Overview of Manipal Law School, Bengaluru:

Manipal Law School (MAHE) Bengaluru strives for a paradigm shift in the field of legal education and is aspiring to be a Global Law School in the near future. MLS focuses on enabling students to comprehend multi-dimensional legal systems with a clear objective of developing their abilities by persuasively enhancing their written and oral skills, anticipating outcomes, and using research and analytical skills in problem-solving. The curricula and pedagogy at MLS aim to be at par with leading law schools involving contemporary global issues and standard legal practices. Cutting-edge technology and Law interface is one of the research domains that will foster the creation of tech lawyers/professionals.

MLS fosters a holistic academic environment in a state-of-art infrastructure that gives students inclusive access to progressive, adaptive, and innovative legal education. The learning pedagogy consists of theoretical and practical involvement with neighbourhood communities. MLS believes in producing lawyers who would excel in their profession and be humane with a strong sense of social justice.

A major thrust is given to the courses like professional ethics to make students more acclimatized to the practical nuances of the legal career. An excellent learning environment at MLS comprises an eco-sustainable green campus, a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, legal research centers, diverse departments with multidisciplinary expertise, and Legal Aid clinics to enhance the study of law. The students, under the guidance of our exemplary faculty, endeavour for an active engagement in the service to the local, regional, national, and international communities. Our goal is to create a holistic community of teachers and learners in a conducive and sustainable ecosystem.

About Speakers:

Kathleen Ruane Leedy, Noted Lawyer and Mediator

WA, IMI & First Court Certified Mediator, Trainer, Author Intl. Law School Mediation Tourn. Judge/Coach, Advisory Board MediateGuru, Accords Intl., Regional Coordinator-Americas IMAW Founder Vivad Sankalp 2019 LA, California, USA.

Sh. Prashant Kumar

Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Principal Associate, Dua Associates.

Registration Fee:

There is no registration fee.

A certificate of participation shall be provided to registered participants.


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Dr. Rahul Mishra, Associate Professor, Manipal Law School, Bengaluru,

Tel: 9694865994

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