Judiciary Prelims Mega Test Series for Law Aspirants

Judiciary Prelims Mega Test Series for Law Aspirants

Judiciary Prelims Mega Test Series

One MEGA Test Series to crack every Judiciary Prelims Exam. A collection of a total of 13 Test Series with 10,000+ MCQs from core law subjects, major and minor legislations and current affairs curated with a focus on thorough preparation.

With a cumulative count of more than 10,000+ MCQs, the Judiciary Prelims Mega Test Series is a collection of MCQs from every important law subject, major and minor legislations and current affairs. Curated with a focus on thorough concept building and preparation, the Judiciary Prelims Mega Test Series by Law Aspirants has been formulated to not only make you familiar with the exam pattern but also help you tackle any unexpected questions with effortless efficiency.

Rigorous practice and test-taking through India’s most loved and preferred Test Series is guaranteed to help you devise a winning strategy to crack all Judicial Services Examinations.

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  • Ideal for cracking any State Judicial Service exam
  • 10,000+ MCQs Practice Questions
  • Detailed Explanations for every answer
  • Total 13 Test Series (Law Subjects + Current Affairs)
  • Intelligent performance analysis and assessment

Subjects included

  1. Constitutional Law
  2. Indian Penal Code
  3. Criminal Procedure Code
  4. Civil Procedure Code
  5. Law of Evidence
  6. Law of Contract
  7. Law of Torts
  8. Jurisprudence
  9. Property Law
  10. Family Law
  11. Environmental Law
  12. Negotiable Instruments Act
  13. Current Affairs

1. Practice high-quality MCQs for Assam, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and many other Judicial Services Prelims exams.

2. Build concepts and have them at your fingertips through a practice framework covering all major subjects, Acts and sketched out in a subject-wise format, further sub-structured into the individual chapters to enable ease of practice and exceptional clarity.

3. Month-wise current affairs to make you aware of happenings around the world so that you can effectively take on general awareness questions in the exam.

4. Undertake subject-wise Tests to analyze and evaluate your strength and weakness.

1. Judicial Services Aspirants keen on appearing for multiple State Judiciary Examinations.

2. Aspirants sitting for competitive exams such as LL.M. and other post-graduate entrances.

3. Law Students keen on gaining in-depth subject knowledge.

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